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New equipment in AMM laboratories

15. May 2012

New pieces of equipment have arrived at renowned AMM laboratories. Unique analytic FEG SEM Zeiss Ultra Plus system and Zwick Z250 Allround-Line, tCII will contribute to the existing outstanding research.

Analytic FEG SEM Zeiss Ultra Plus system

FEG SEM Zeiss Ultra Plus is a scanning electrone microscope with ultrahigh resolution with a tool for chemical composition analysis (EDS, WDS) and phase analysis using electrone backscattered diffraction (EBSD). System further enables local inlet of nitrogen or oxygen for reduction of charging and/or hydrocarbon contamination of the material. Non-conductive materials may also be observed if no evaporation occurs.


0.8 nm resolution at 15 kV, 1.6 nm resolution at 1 kV
Aceleration voltage range: 0.02-30 kV
Beam current: 4-20 nA
Imaging detectors: in-lens secondary electrons detector, chamber secondary electrons detector, in-lens energy selected back scattered detector, EBSD detector allowing imaging in low angles
Analytical detectors:
- EDS – Oxford X-max 20 mm2, Mn resolution Kα = 12 eV, active area of 20 mm2
- WDS – Oxford Wave
- EBSD – Oxford/HKL Nordlys

Zwick Z250 Allround-Line, tCII

Zwick Z250 Allround-Line is a state-of-the-art material testing machine with force range of 250 kN. It has been designed to test loads in tensile, compression and flexure with test load speed range of (0.0005 ÷ 500) mm/min. Machine is currently equipped with two dynamometers of test load of 50 and 150 kN, universal extensometer with deformation sensor for all the above mentioned types of test loads, temperature chamber with the temperature range of -80 °C to +250 °C and high-temperature furnace for tests up to +1,000 °C.


Force range: 250 kN
Sensors: 50 kN, 150 kN
Test load speed range: 0.0005 to 500 mm/min
High-temperature sensor resolution (1,000 °C): 0.1 µm
Range of operating temperatures:
- In temperature chamber: -80 °C to +250 °C
- In high-temperature furnace: up to 1,000 °C

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