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New thermogravimetric analyser

20. April 2012

New TG 449 F3 Jupiter® manufactured by NETZSCH Company has been acquired by laboratories of Energy Institute at FME BUT within the frame of NETME Centre project. Product is designed for thermogravimetric analysis of samples with temperature ranging from -150 to 2,000 °C.

Thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) was conceived to assess reduction of sample weight in relation to increase in temperature of material. Device consists of accurate horizontal scales featuring measurement recording. Measured sample is placed on scales plate which is located in heated area of laboratory heater. Part of the sample evaporates or burns out and the scales record weight reduction of the material. Analyser is equipped with the option of controlled speed of heating and cooling. Performance of assessment and TGA recording is secured by connection to PC with relevant software.

The TG 449 F3 Jupiter® is equipped with a cooling thermostat to guarantee high long-term stability. Various vacuum pumps enable measurements at reduced pressures or under the purest, oxygen-free atmospheres. A variety of sample containers made of alumina, platinum, aluminum, graphite and quartz glass is available in different sizes.


Heating and cooling rates: 0.001- 50 K/min
Weighing range: 35,000mg
TGA resolution: 1µg
Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic
Switch valve for 2 purge gases and 1 protective gas
Mass flow control for 3 gas channels (optional)
Vacuum-tight assembly up to 10-2 mbar

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