NETME Centre

New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering

New laboratories of Division of AMM were officially approved

10. September 2012

Construction work on 3rd floor A3 laboratory designed for material structure analysis, laboratory of heat treatment technologies and mechanical test room in B3 building along with laboratory for EB technology in D5 building were finalized during the summer. These unique laboratories are equipped with analytic FEG SEM Zeiss Ultra Plus system and Zwick Z250 Allround-Line, tCII. Division of AMM is further proud to have obtained state-of-the-art light ZEISS microscope with correlative interface, wide range of pilot furnaces allowing for use of protective atmosphere, PHILIPS and SIEMENS x-ray diffractometers, SPECTRUMAT spectrometer, LECO hardness testers and micro-hardness testers, INSTRON servo-hydraulic testing systems, AMSLER high-frequency pulsator and HECKERT pendulum testing machine.

NETME Centre was built with the financial support from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations within the project NETME Centre
(New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering), Reg. No. CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0002 and, in the follow-up sustainability stage, supported through NETME Centre PLUS (LO1202)
by financial means from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the „National Sustainability Programme I

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